“For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever”( Micah 4:5)

One of the intents of God in creating man was for communion, intimacy, to have a dialogue with man and make decisions together in ruling the earth. The Bible has records of patriarchs who walked with God and their lives were made exemplary; Enoch (Gen. 5:22-24), Abraham (Gen. 24:14), Noah (Gen. 6:9) and the likes.

In theses times, there are so many church-going Christians who know a lot about God but cannot tell you deep truths birthed out of personal intimacy with Him. They can narrate all the dealings of God with the old testament saints, but they can’t share with you wisdom based on how intimate they are with the God they talk about.

This is an error. It ought not to be so. Every Christian must resolve not to settle for “hearing about God” from preachers and other matured Christians only. We must decide to walk with Him in order to “hear him for ourself.” Please, Note the two; Hearing About God and Hearing Him for Yourself. Which one would you settle for?

Walking with God, synonymous to fellowship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:14) could also connote agreeing with the Holy Spirit on how He desires things to be done in your life. Amos described this perfectly in Amos 3:3 that “Can two walk together except they agreeā€

When you walk with God, you factor Him into the decisions of your daily life. It is what He says in His Word that you pattern your life to. Walking with God means you are in agreement with Him and His ways. Knowing the ways of God, fortunately, is not far fetched. His Word (Bible) and the Holy Spirit are here on earth with us just to guide us in this.

Knowing His ways will demand your ability to hear His voice when He guides you. Permit me to ask this personal question. Can you decipher between the voice of your flesh and that of the Holy Spirit? If No, then begin working on this. Desire to get there because there are higher ways and levels in the Spirit that we must all yearn to live by.

When we walk with God and in His ways, we enter the dimension where He unfolds the secrets of His Kingdom to us. We arrive at this secret place when we develop a walking relationship with Him. Our inner chamber with Him becomes our training grounds.

As one of my your prayer requests, speak to God to continue to grant you the enabling grace and strength to walk uprightly with you 24/7 in Jesus Name! In case you have been in this zone of intimacy before, pray that the desire to live in those moments of intimacy will be rekindled in you again. Do not settle for less, by hearing others talk about Him. You ought to hear Him for yourself.

INSIGHT: The depth of your intimacy and walk with God determines the level of grace and knowledge you operate in.

By: David Addai Mensah.


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