Seasons such as Christmas, New Year and Easter is characterized by giving of gifts and showing love to many. It is a kind gesture to give and givers are always blessed as the Bible puts it. (Acts 20:35)

My focus in this article is on the receivers of gifts during such seasons. In most occasions, the cliché request “Please give me my Christmas /New Year /Easter gift”, is heard a lot from ladies. It has become so common such that, little girls of age 5, also make such request from every familiar adult they see.

Meditating on Matthew chapter 2, which describes the kind gesture of gifts being given to Jesus by the Magi, it is seen that Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, never demanded gifts from the Magi. They gave out of free will.

Demanding gifts during these festive seasons seem to be the order of the day. Unfortunately, some kids and teenagers who naively copy this demanding attitude have lost their precious virginities and have encountered sexual abuse of all sorts from some men who do not give gifts for free.

Some ladies have turned to sex addicts because they were victims of these cruel men who take advantage of the festive seasons to demand for sexual favors from gift receivers.

The courteous and spiritually mature thing to do is to be silent on gifts in such seasons, and allow that good friend to willingly give you the gift.

To the extreme, some ladies will go to the extent of specifying the kind of gift they want. They will reject your free will offer and insist on what they want. Huh! This isn’t normal. I see that as being materialistic and demanding

Taking advantage of seasons to ‘demand’ gifts has never been biblical.
Especially to my dear ladies, let us allow people to give freely from their hearts before we become objects of sexual satisfaction and abuse on the beds of evil men.



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