1 Timothy 5:2

_(AMP) [Treat] older women like mothers [and] younger women like sisters, in all purity._


It is disgracing to find in some churches – not all churches- that some youth members fornicate with themselves at the blind side of the Pastor of the church. This should not be happening among the unmarried, not to talk of Christians who have been bought and washed by the blood of Christ.


Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in his letter to Timothy, defined the nature of relationship that ought to exist between the unmarried youths in the body of Christ. It is the “sister-brother relationship” characterised by the nature of God, thus Purity (Holiness).


In the light of this, you now understand why it’s an error to see a Christian young man making unholy sexual advances towards a young lady in the church? Only a mad man can lust after his own sister. Hence, If I still lust after a fellow Christian who is supposed to be my sister, then my Christian maturity is questionable. I have abused my believe in the blood of Jesus that binds us together as brethren. Christian youths, let us love with the love of the cross and not the old fleshly kind of love.


PRAYER: Precious Holy Spirit, help me change my thinking with these words to henceforth treat younger women as sisters and not as sex materials because your blood has made them more precious than sex objects.


INSIGHT: Christian youths, let us love with the love of the cross and not the old nature’s fleshly kind of love.


By: David Addai Mensah


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