Luke 14:18
(KJV) And they all with one consent began to make excuse…

Since the day I found the devil’s definition for the Word busy “Being- Under-Satan’s-Yoke”, I stopped using that word as an excuse for not praying, studying my Bible, engaging in intimacy with the Holy Spirit or building my spiritual life.

The verse above, is the beginning of responses from the people who were invited to the great supper in the book of Luke. All three excuses were so good to qualify to be the perfect excuse, but were those excuses justifiable? No!

Excuses can sound so nice, in fact they can help you explain better why you didn’t have time to build your spiritual life. Yet at the end, it does no good but leaves you in regret.

Do you know it’s part of the devil’s agenda to keep Christians busy lately. Yes! He’s keen at that task. See how work piles up each day you go to the office.

Lecture notes and pamphlets so voluminous, PowerPoint slides so lengthy, TV channels so diverse, newspapers all over, and finally smartphones as tiny as the palm but powerful enough to keep you staring at it for hours without blinking an eye.

Yes! That’s how we’re being bogged down with the systems of the world so that we can be “busy” and at the end, give excuses for why we couldn’t make time for Jesus.

Stop giving excuses because if you don’t, you’ll always find one. The devil will even help you as you couch those words to make the excuse.

Pray to the Holy Spirit that He will empower you to spend time with Jesus always and to avoid using the jargon of the enemy – busy. Refuse to be “busy” henceforth and strive to have time for Jesus.

Excuses can sound so nice but they’re never justifiable before God!


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