Sexual immorality is a term used to describe behaviour that goes against societal or religious norms regarding sexual conduct. It encompasses promiscuity and engaging in sexual activities when one is not married.

Destructive criticism about this issue is not necessary even though it is not condoned religiously and socially. Destructive criticism can be harmful, judgemental, shaming, and condemning to those who are involved in this act.

It is more constructive to engage in open dialogue with the participants relating to sexual immorality to find out the reason behind their indulgence in that.

Upon speaking to some ladies who are debauched relating to the issue in question, I inferred that most of the ladies got involved in this act as a result of their parents shirking their responsibilities.

This piece is focused on the aftermath of some parents refusing to discharge their responsibilities. These responsibilities include payment of school fees and all other educational bills, provision of shelter, provision of food, healthcare, and educational development.

Failure to perform your responsibilities as a parent relating to catering and fending for your children especially ladies to some deviant acts including sexual immorality.

The uprising of ladies comparably demands a lot.
Some parents refuse to pay the school fees and neglect all other bills. Others pay the school fees alone thinking that’s all and refuse to pay other bills.

In a secondary cycle and tertiary cycle setting, one can’t stay without money for upkeep, without some provisions and so many others.
Some basic needs are to be provided not in educational settings only but in our homes as well.

A lady who’s denied all her basic needs or some needs may have no other option than to indulge in sexually immoral acts at least to fend for herself. And for all I know, most guys offer help in exchange for something. Most guys would demand sex as a reciprocate to what he’s offering you.

Parents, the children given to you are a gift from God. They are properties, treasure them. You’re privileged to have them and so it is your responsibility to cater for them and provide all their needs. Failure to do so may propel your girl child into sexual immorality.

Most ladies out there are not comfortable living this lifestyle but because of their parents, they had no other option than to debaunch in this act.

I want every parent reading this to realize that the children were given to you by God for a purpose and you will be accountable to God on judgment day.

Please fend for your children, and provide for all their basic needs and the issue of sexually immoral acts which is escalating will de-escalate. I hope you find this piece meaningful.

By Rosalind Owusu-Mensah.
(Sexual Purity Advocate, Healing From Sexual Addiction (HEFSA) Min.)


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