If the only time you are in the presence of God is when you are in “church” or gathered with fellow Christians, then you only have a Corporate Christian lifestyle (CCL), move to the next level – Personal Christian Lifestyle (PCL).

With CCL you can be spiritually shaky and not resolute. When the group isn’t around you, or you change surrounding, you struggle to keep the fervency of the Spirit.

But with PCL you can have church and worship sessions in your room or any solitary place you find and in times when there’s no church closeby you can experience the Holy Spirit in an intimate way. (cf: Mark 1:35) In so doing you can see yourself growing spiritually and in character into the fullness of Christ. (cf. Ephesians 4:13)

Go for both, PCL and CCL. Don’t settle for CCL only.
And to my dear ones who do not have any…Eeerm… Hmm🙉, I beg Jesus still saves OK.


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