Proverbs 15:4

(Amplified Bible) A gentle tongue [with its healing power] is a tree of life, but willful contrariness in it breaks down the spirit.

John Wesley and a preacher of his acquaintance were once invited to lunch with a gentleman after service. Wesley’s preacher friend was a man of very blunt speech. This mean man, while talking with their host’s beautiful daughter, who had been profoundly impressed by Wesley’s preaching, noticed that she wore a number of rings.

During a pause in the meal, he took the young lady’s hand and raising it, called Wesley’s attention to the sparkling gems. “What do you think of this Sir,” he asked, “for a Methodist hand? ” The girl turned crimson. The question was extremely awkward for Wesley whose Anderson to all display of jewelry was well known.

With a quiet, benevolent smile, he looked up and simply said, “The hand is very beautiful.” He had not denied the implied rebuke but had taken the sting out of it. The young lady appeared at evening worship without her jewels and became a firm and dedicated Christian.

Ever thought of how your words can be healing to your hearers? As a Christian, your actions or inactions goes a long way to affect the lives of those around you. Some Christians speak words that pierce and hurt which is ungodly and unlike Jesus.

PRAYERS: Dear Lord, may my words be seasoned with salt such that it will minister healing to my hearers as I speak to every man and always in Jesus’ name

INSIGHT: No matter how wrong a person is, a harsh rebuke would never minister healing, a gentle rebuke will.

By: David Addai-Mensah


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